Pismo Beach, California

The very first time I saw a pelican it was in 2011, when I first moved to the US 🇺🇸. They were hanging with their flock on the bay in Newport Beach, CA and I couldn’t believe I was the only one interested in them, taking a million photos (see one of them sliding to the left).
Ten years later, I still look at them with the same fascination. With their humongous size and fantastical appearance, they seem to me like retrofitted pterodactyls.
I guess if you didn’t grow up with something, it never becomes truly familiar to you. And you keep looking at it with foreign eyes, eyes that are more prone to stop and take a moment to acknowledge how special that thing is. I realize I do the same with squirrels. Most people seem to be bothered by them, I find them fascinating, and never miss a chance to stop and look how fast they run up on the trees! 🐿🌳
👉 Does this happen to you too⁉️ What is one thing that never stops fascinating you⁉️