Highway 17

ZOOM IN! 👀 See those beautiful white blossoms on the arm of the saguaro tree⁉️They only bloom from mid May to mid June, so if you are planning a trip through the Sonoran Desert that’s the time to go! 🙌
I was lucky to be driving from Phoenix to Sedona in this very season and to witness the majesty of these trees right when they were flowering! 😍

… Also, did you know these facts?
📌 In the culture of the Tohono O’odham , (local tribe of the Sonoran Desert) there are lots of legends centered around humans turning into saguaros, as these trees seem to wave, bow, and welcome just like an actual person. (Swipe left to read about this belief*)

📌Saguaro flowers bloom for less than 24 hours. They open at night and remain so through the next day. That’s all the time they have to attract animals to be pollinated. 🪰🐝

📌 Branches normally begin to grow when a saguaro is 50 or 70 years old, but in areas with lower precipitation, it can take up to 100 years! 🧓🏻🌵

📌 Saguaro are considered “adults” at about 125 years of age. Their average life span is 150-175 years. ☠️

*SOURCE: https://tohonochul.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/SDT-Saguaros-are-people-too.pdf