Grand Canyon, Arizona

Humans have been living in and around the Grand Canyon for approximately 10,000 years.
In 200 B.C., the Ancestral Puebloan people, the Anasazi, migrated toward the Grand Canyon, and when their civilization vanished, around A.D. 1110, other Native American tribes moved into the canyon and began to live there year-round. They were forced to relocate in the mid-1800s, as settlers moved to the West, pushing a new frontier forward with brutal wars and conflicts 💥.
Relocation treaties were not advantageous to American Indians, forced in regions where they had to start over again, facing economic hardships for centuries.
Only in 1975, the “Grand Canyon Enlargement Act” transferred hundreds of thousands of acres back to the tribes… but nowadays the problem is still very real.
To learn more about this topic, read this interesting article from Arizona State University, “Native American view of the Grand Canyon’s centennial celebration” 👉