… wearing a “Kebaya” and a “Sarong

Balinese people are extremely friendly, so much that they might invite you to their wedding even if they have only known you for just a few days. These are photos are from a Hindu wedding ceremony I was lucky to attend in a remote village in the jungle of East Bali, over an hour away from Ubud.

I was invited to wear their traditional outfit: a lace kebaya, which covers shoulders and upper arms, paired with a coordinated sarong and sealed with a brooch on a waist sash and to join the wedding reception at the house of the groom’s parents, beautifully adorned with decorations made of palm leaves

At a Balinese wedding, the families of the bride and groom take care of the food preparation, which is served in buffet style. You can try dishes like Lawar, a mixture of vegetables and minced meat, spiced up with the Balinese spices; Chicken Betutu, chicken stuffed with mashed turmeric, ginger, kencur, galangal, onion, garlic, bay leaf, and chili and roasted in a husk fire; or Jaja Apem a snack made from fermented rice flour, cassava and coconut water, formed on a cone-shaped banana leaf and then steamed until cooked.